Montag, 20. Februar 2017

Planning my first trip to JAPAN!

In just two weeks I'll be going on my first trip to Japan - I can hardly believe it.
I've been dreaming of going there for about 15 years and now that I could finally save up and practise my Japanese I'm starting to get nervous. After all, it's a super long trip for someone who usually takes only one week off for a short visit of London.

There will be regular updates about the places I'll be seeing. Nature, food, all the things I love to experience!
Everything has been planned out. I love planning. I even make plans when I'm somewhere for just one day, even if I've been to the city several times before (...London, anyone?)!

A couple of things I collected while planning...

So although it might not work for you because you love being spontaneous, I'm going to start my favourite YouTube Vlogs, stare at the screen dreaming for days on end, cover my bed and desk and floors in pamphlets and magazines and get my excel and note book ready because...

Here's how a control freak like me makes TRAVEL PLANS!

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