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Lolita Meetup Report: Revelry

Hello, Dear Readers!

I began wearing lolita fashion in 2013, but I'm too shy to go to regional meetups... The Tea Party Club's 7th Anniversary Party "Revelry", however, took place while my friend and I visited London, so we hurried and bought our tickets! It was great... but see for yourselves! I hope you will enjoy this post about my first lolita fashion meetup!

Tea Party Club 7th Anniversary - Revelry
Date: September 20th
Place: The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn, London, UK
Company: Welcome2Chaos

The event started with a bit of bad luck, to be honest. I had ordered a jumperskirt and blouse especially for Revelry, had thought about my coordinate for weeks before deciding and ordering and then waited impatiently for the order to arrive.
Well... it didn't.
Upon my inquiry, the shop assistant answered that the clothes had not been in stock and were still being manufactured, so the dreamy bubble of my wonderful planned-through coordinate popped and I was left with one week to put something together. I ordered a victorian-style onepiece which arrived the day befor my flight to London, but it didn't fit a petticoat... so I was left with what I already had. I used a Jumperskirt from my first Bodyline order and spent one whole day crafting accessories from satin ribbon.
I was really sad about my outfit, to be honest. It darkened my mood the whole time, not because I didn't like it (black and red and pearls, I love the classic feel of that), but because I was so disappointed. Still, I pulled myself together and focused on the nicer things.


The Gray's Inn is a really beautiful place. Old and pretty and there's so much dark wood everywhere! I really loved the interiors.
With our VIP tickets we were lucky to have early entry as well as printed lucky bags!
In mine, I found a cute hair clip and a brooch, we were allowed to choose a cute Tea Party Club pin. Also, there was a voucher for some cute photos, there were postcards and a printed hand mirror and a loooot more.

The fanciest thing was a smartphone cover designed by Metamorphose! It was so pretty and cute - but for Iphone. I don't have one, so I gave my case to a friend who had neither VIP entry nor took a prize in the raffle. She was happy, goal achieved :D
I took place in a treasure hunt but our group didn't win... :( We were sad, but hey - I as a naturally shy person would have been much too shy for conversation otherwise.

The translator and Ayumi watanabe, the designer of Syrup!
So cute!

This is the Designer of Metamorphose Tems de Fille. I love the print she's wearing!
Hitomi Nomura (Grimoire) presented her first own clothing Line.
I love her blue onepiece!
Toshie Mihashi, the new editor of the Gothic&Lolita
Bible. She was also dressed in Lolita! <3

The special guests were interviewed and everyone was so pretty and cute! There were the designers of Syrup, Grimoire and Metamorphose temps de fille as well as the new chief editor of the Gothic&Lolita Bible. Oh my, I was a little awestruck! I dared talking to three of them and felt a little stupid, but I was so happy to use my Japanese once again.

And I met Ai Akizuki! Ai-chan told us about her life and how she got into lolita fashion and started hosting meetups. I found we had something in common concerning our youth and when we chatted a little, I instantly liked her. She's such a lovely person and has a gentle and cheerful nature ^_^

Here's my friend Welcome2Chaos, who was my travel companion :3 It would feel weird to go to London without her as we went there together three times now!
We took our photos and went shopping sooo often.

There were two rooms with stalls, one of them was a Bring&Buy. I bought a couple of items I still have to wear ahaha... Two chiffon underskirts, brooches, a bag shaped like a book and beautiful Metamorphose Wristcuffs. Then there were some clothes from the bring and buy, Shorts and a onepiece from Innocent World and a cute Shirt. I'll have to re-sell them although they are so pretty! I did not take a photo of the ones I'm not happy with. They are beautiful, I'm sad that they don't fit.

On Sunday evening, there was an afterparty in a club in Covent Garden. It was funny seeing lolitas dance to charts, rock and metal sounds, the mood was great and I made a couple of new aquaintances! I don't go to clubs that often, but we had a really good time :3

Although this was my first big meetup I can't wait for the next one!! It was great and everyone looked so beautiful. They announced that next year's special guest brand will be Innocent World - the brand which I loved since I first got into lolita fashion. I'm totally broke so it will be challenging to save up enough. I'm so excited!

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