Dienstag, 7. März 2017

My first trip to Japan! #1: A long, long way.

Our flight left in the evening. After finding our seats we realized: It's going to take almost eleven hours just until Tokyo. Woah.
It's hard to believe this is actually happening.
We had dinner, watched a movie, tried to sleep at least a bit (impossible for me)...

And then the sky lit up in the east as we got closer to our destination.
In short: We are exhausted, but we arrived safely. And delicious food is everywhere.

The meals on the plane were plenty and actually really nice!

Having arrived in Narita, we groggily wandered about.
We got some yen, bought travel SIM cards for mobile data and a snack and boarded a bus to Haneda airport, the departure point for our domestic flight!

In Haneda, we had plenty of time to take a walk which was nice after the long flight. At this point we were awake for about 24 hours and groggily went on the quest of searching for more food, primarily because that's just what you need when your body needs energy but cannot sleep xD

After another 2.5 hours on a plane (during this flight, a charming flight attendant passed through the rows very frequently to supply more of the sugary deliciousness of kiwi "juice") we arrived!
Naha, Okinawa.
This sounds so... weird.
Way too tired to be excited we followed the signs to get our baggage and to the city monorail, then looked for our apartment.
It's a tiny but cute flat near a 24h convenience store.
As soon as we got settled we went shopping for dinner and breakfast. We could buy Oden although winter is almost over! (A hearty broth with veggies, meat and other things inside. You can choose your ingredients at the counter and pay per piece. A generous serving of soup and condiments are included.)

At about 1:30, after being awake for what, one and a half days almost straight, we finally got some sleep.

Now it's morning in Okinawa.
It's windy. The sun seems to be shining.
So after a decent breakfast (super healthy melon pan, anyone?) we're going to explore Naha city!

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  1. Das liest sich nach einem schönen Start, nun ausgeruht und gut gegessen ;) ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel Spaß und tolle Erlebnisse und freu mich bald mehr zu lesen und zu sehen


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