Samstag, 11. März 2017

My First Trip to Japan! #2 Okinawa Adventures and Off to New Places!

Being the smart person I am I didn't test the adapters I had. I took my laptop hoping I'd be able to make blog entries with the pictures from my camera but well... nope.

We had three full days in Okinawa, Naha.
A Convenience Store just around the corner supplied us with most of our food. Jetlag lasted for a day and a half, but we took walks around the city and relaxed with small picnics. After all, we really needed a break from all of the excitement! Actually being in Japan was so weird.

Well, we lived through it. It was nice. Naha was very relaxing, not too warm but kind of sunny and windy and the air was nice and fresh.

We also went to Shuri Castle to stroll around the park and enjoy the view of the city!

And of course, shopping was important. We saw a game centre, too!

On our last full day in Okinawa we went to Kudakajima, an island with lots of sacred sites entwined with legends and myths. We walked around the beautiful island and enjoyed the view of the clear blue water... so pretty.

With a bad sunburn (because we idiots didn't realize how strong the sun was), we returned ro Naha and did some shopping before we went to sleep.

On the next day, we had to leave for Fukuoka.
I'm deeply in love with Okinawa already. I felt really relaxed!

At the moment, we're in Kagoshima! Too lottle time to write about everything now...but we plan to see Hiroshima tomorrow!

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